White Buddha Triangle Amulets – Update

Ok, well – we’ve been waiting for over 2 months now for the white Buddha triangle pendants that 14 people have ordered and also waited for… We’ve been told that the pendants are at the Wat Tum Sua temple and awaiting blessing by Aj. Jumnien – so, of course they haven’t lied – but, the problem is that Aj. Jumnien hasn’t come back to his own temple for a long time. When he does, will he have time to bless the Thai pendants that everyone has waiting?

Good question. He will likely come and leave again quickly as he usually does!

He’s a monk on the move -that is for sure.

So far 9 buyers have taken the alternative Gold Triangle Buddha pendant we offered along with a free pendant and yant cloth and blessed bracelets for the same price as the white Buddha Triangle. If you too are waiting – that offer is still good, or you can wait patiently until next year!

Sorry it is taking so long… if you want your PayPal $ refunded – just let us know anytime. :)


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