Which is the Best Thai Amulet?

This is one of our unique premium Jatukam style amulets in solid black jade (jadeite). This is hand carved and original. We have never seen one like this before.
One of our best Thai amulets, the black jade Pra Bittar (Pidta) in Jatukam style from Wat Mahathat in Nakhon si Thammarat, Southern Thailand.

We have a couple thousand amulets. We are not into the superstition of them, we buy them from local Theravada Buddhist temples so we can pass on to you, or to collect for ourselves.

We have a number of special amulets that we like a lot, and most of them were given to us by relatives or monks. These are not anything special from a collector’s standpoint, but they are special to us.

Our best Thai amulets are probably the ones that we paid the most money for. Though some clay amulets command the most money because they are the oldest, or made by the most ‘powerful’ or respected monks. We only buy expensive amulets that have some collector’s value, because otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense to spend all that money on them. We have some solid silver Buddha amulets and Jatukam Ramathep amulets that are really special to us, and what we’d consider our best.

We have a rare black jade Pra Bittar (Pidta) amulet and a blue crystal Buddha amulet (statue) that are really exceptional, but that we have yet to sell. Not sure we really want to sell them! Then we have some white jade amulets from Wat Larn Kuat temple that are very special because they are rare and will never be seen again once they are all sold. We’d sold about 30% of them. Oh, and our petrified wood Buddha amulets from Wat Larn Kuat are also lovely.

The best Thai amulet is the one that means the most to you. We have about 50 favorites. If you are looking for some amulet in particular that you cannot find, let us know and we’ll tell you if we’ve seen something similar.


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