Here is the 3rd photo gallery page for Wat Tham Sua in Krabi, Thailand. Check out the other pages too!

Nearly all of our amulets come from this temple - so, order one if you’d like - many people forget to purchase some while they visit - and then order here. Enjoy the photos…

Tin meditation stands for monks during the rainy season.
This is located on the far side of the temple, most will never see.

Restroom wash area for monks during rain retreat.

Top of mountain - clouds often come over top - nice!

Jatukam Ramathip amulet riding an airplane!

New 99m high chedi is still under construction.

Top of mountain - dragons at base of Big Gold Buddha.

Buddhist lent activities inside the Tiger Cave.

View of rainbow from top of mountain.

Highly decorated house past Kwan Yin Statue in rear of temple.

Layers of limestone mountains as seen from mountaintop.

The sunset in black and white… why not? haha.

Some artistic zooming.

Young monk shows me a secret meditation
spot in the cliffs overlooking Wat Tum Sua.

Buddhist lent at night - chanting.

Another shot of meditation spots for monks during rainy season.

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If you have some time while you are in southern Thailand, you really should stop and visit Wat Tum Sua just outside Krabi town in Krabi Noi. There are so many things to see and take photos of - experience, you will be very happy you did. There are monkeys at this temple and they are usually well behaved.