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Nearly all of our amulets come from this temple - so, order one if you’d like - many people forget to purchase some while they visit - and then order here. Enjoy the photos…

An incredible sunset at the top of Wat Tham Seua
- like a headless Buddha!

Sometimes visitors drape the Buddhas with cloth.

This stuffed leopard has since disappeared. The cat sure loved it!

Looking down from the top of the 1,256 steps. An amazing climb, well worth it - and cold water at the top. Views of all over Krabi town and to Koh Phi Phi too.

Main Bot at Wat Tham Seua.

Buddhist lent, Buddhists circle the Bot - a bit blurry.

Buddhists walk around the Bot carrying lighted
incense, candles, and flowers during Buddhist lent.

A large Bodhi tree at Wat Tham Seua.

Wooden carved doors at the main Bot at Wat Tham Sua.

Solid brass bell at top of mountain.

Same bell.

Another magical sunset happening atop Wat Tham Seaa, mountain peak.

Demons in service to the Buddha
- at the Big Buddha on top of the mountain

Lersi - the ascetic. I think this is at Sra Morakot,
and not Wat Tum Sua. Oops.

From far away at ground level, looking up at the
Big Buddha of Wat Tham Seua perched at the
top of a 280 meter high mountain.
Incredible experience to climb it!

More magical sunsets!

Big Buddha at night.

Highest point of the mountain-top shrine at
Wat Tum Sua with clouds over Khao Phanom Bencha
mountain (1,400m) in the background.

One of my favorite sunset photos at top of mountain.

This might sound funny, but I’ve seen these statues
many times but have never looked to see who they are.

Two magee (Buddhist nuns) walking down
into the foothills area at Wat Tum Sua.

Monk kuti collection. Notice the posts are in a
bowl of water to keep ants from climbing up?

A monk receiving a head shaving in the lush-green foothills area.

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If you have some time while you are in southern Thailand, you really should stop and visit Wat Tum Sua just outside Krabi town in Krabi Noi. There are so many things to see and take photos of - experience, you will be very happy you did. There are monkeys at this temple and they are usually well behaved.