Here is a photo gallery from Wat Tum Sua (Thamseua, Thumsua, Tum Suea), our home temple. It really is a beautiful place. Ajarn Jumnien is intent on making this the top Buddhist temple in the area - and right now you would have to go to Nakhon si Thammarat to find one as popular as this temple. More and more people come here every year.

Nearly all of our amulets come from this temple - so, order one if you’d like - many people forget to purchase some while they visit - and then order here. Enjoy the photos…

Buddha beneath 300 meter limestone cliff at Wat Tham Seaua

Foothills area - amazing, don’t miss this side of the temple.

Phra Pornpitak, a Theravada Buddhist Monk at Wat Tham Seua for twenty years.

Phra Pornpitak with a man from
France that was once a monk in Burma

Phra Pornpitak and Vern at the top of the mountain at Wat Tham Seua, Krabi, Southern Thailand.

Phra Pornpitak and Vern

Ajarn Jumnien's residences at Wat Tham Seua Buddhist temple in Krabi, Thailand.

Ajarn Jumnien’s home at Wat Tum Sua -
though he is rarely there!

Buddha statue in a limestone cave at Wat Tham Seua, Krabi, Thailand.

Inside the caves in the foothills area - must see.

A monk's kuti (home / hut) at the base of large limestone cliffs in Krabi Noi - at Wat Tham Seua Buddhist temple in Krabi, Thailand.

Monk kutee (hut) in the foothills.

A bench in a cool spot under a 300 meter high limestone cliff at a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

Above is 250m of solid limestone rock!

Old teapot - but still used.

Dog exploring a limestone cave at Wat Thum Seua, Krabi, Thailand.

Dog explores one of the caves in the foothills.

Row of simple monk kutis at Buddhist temple in Southern Thailand.

Some kutis at the foothills area.

The cave where a tiger inhabited when Wat Tum Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) was first founded by Abbot, Ajarn Jumnien in Southern Thailand's Krabi province.

Tiger cave… where the tiger lived years ago. No tiger now…

Large chedi on top of 280 meter high mountain at Wat Tham Seua, Krabi, Thailand.

Top of the nearly 300m high hill above Wat Tum Sua. There are steps to climb up, and now there are 1,256 stairs to the top. Bring water and go after 3pm for best experience. Water at the top - but bring a bottle to refill, the cups are not so clean.

A monk meditates in a limestone enclosure at the top of a limestone mountain at the famous Krabi Temple - Wat Tham Seua.

Monk meditating under Buddha’s footprint at top of mountain.

Lersi is an ascetic that never became a monk, but who followed the Buddha and renounced worldly things. Phra Lersii is famous in Thailand.

Lersi - the ascetic that followed Buddha - at about step 920.

Layers of limestone karst in Krabi, Thailand.

Sunset at the top of the mountain is breathtaking.

Monk kuti on limestone rock at far end of temple.

Dhamma wheel window in house at Wat Tum Sua.

Big Buddha at top of mountain.

Another Wat Thamseua sunset.

At night some excellent photos can be taken.
Bring a flashlight, no lights on the steps.

Yes, it’s real.

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If you have some time while you are in southern Thailand, you really should stop and visit Wat Tham Seua just outside Krabi town in Krabi Noi. There are so many things to see and take photos of - experience, you will be very happy you did. There are monkeys at this temple and they are usually well behaved.