Tricolor Buddha Amulet with Petite Gold Case

Petite gold Buddha amulet - tricolor amulet with feminine gold case.
$34.95 - Tricolor Buddha with petite gold rim case - free shipping worldwide from Thailand.
Sid of tricolor Buddha amulet with petite gold case
Reverse side of tricolor Buddha amulet with petite gold case - free shipping worldwide from Thailand

This is a tricolor Buddha amulet with a petite gold rim case for a female or child. The three colors stand for the Buddhist “triple gem” or, Buddha, Sangha (family), Dhamma – truth or law.

We have just one of these – and it’s a very special amulet. If we can find anymore we’re going to buy them – we’ve not seen a tricolor Buddha like this one in the 5 years we’ve been looking.

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This Buddha amulet is new from the temple. We also have waterproof Buddha amulets if you’re active.

Free shipping from Thailand to wherever you are in the world.

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$34.95 + $FREE SHIPPING = $34.95 shipped worldwide.

Every amulet we sell has been blessed at our local Buddhist temple. The temple does not allow any amulets to be sold that are not blessed.

In addition to buying all of our amulets straight from the temple, we also give 10% of all sales (net) back to the temple. It’s a win-win-win for the temple – you – and us.

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