Thai Amulet Videos: Buddha, Waterproof, Green Jade, Jatukam

We took some video of selected amulets so we could show you, our customer, that we have the amulets we show on our website. There are so many scams out there related to amulets - we want you to know - we are 100% trustable.

Another way you can be careful is to only order something small from us at first and see how we are at communication by email, how your package arrives, and how long it takes to reach you. People that scam others with amulets don’t send anything at all. If you only spend less than $20 your first order, it’s a good test to see if the online Thai amulet seller really sends the item (s) you ordered - don’t you think?

Still we are always surprised when someone orders $500+ in amulets from us and they’ve never seen our site before that day. If you like you can write us email and see if we’re real. You can ask us to take a photo of the items you want to order - and send it to you if you’re really unsure about an online transaction.

We have been selling Buddhist amulets from Thailand for over 6 years now and had over 1,800 customers. We strive for 100% satisfaction, and we must be running very close to that mark.

Enjoy the videos at the links below…

There is a very large variety of Buddha amulets available for sale in Thailand. Buddhist temples sell amulets. Stores outside Buddhist temples sell amulets that may or may not have originated at the temple. Private dealers sell amulets they get either at temples, or from private individuals because they are rare or otherwise one of a kind amulets that cannot be found in the temples any longer.

Here we only sell Buddha amulets directly from the temples - so they are guaranteed authentic and blessed.

Buddha Amulet Videos

Jatukam Amulet Videos

Waterproof Amulet Videos

Green Jade Amulet Videos

White Jade Buddha Amulet Videos (coming)

Good Luck Amulet Videos (coming)

Ganesh Amulet Videos (coming)

Kwan Yin Amulet Videos (coming)

Petrified Wood Amulet Videos (coming)