Thai Amulet & Thai Buddhist Temple Videos

We wanted to share some Thai amulet videos, and also videos of the temples in Thailand with you. These are all videos we’ve taken over the years. Enjoy!

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Thai Amulet Videos - select samples of our Buddhist Thai amulets so you can review them in a format other than digital images.

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Child monks bang the massive gong video - at a temple in Thailand’s northeast Isaan region

Thai Girl Rubbing the Gong video - when you rub a large gong like this it can hum to the frequency that matches it’s construction. It can get very loud and be heard for miles! Here a girl does a great job of it.

Secret Meditation Spot video - at top of mountain temple

Tiger Cave Temple Foothills Area Video - walk through the foothills area. AMAZING.

Cave Tour video - Buddhist temple, Wat Tum Sua, Tiger Cave Temple

Jatukum Thai Amulet ceremony video - making and blessing the amulets

Top of mountain temple video - an amazing view

Buddhist Temple tour video - a walk around the grounds of an amazing temple in southern Thailand

Makha Bucha Holiday video - Buddhist lent celebration. Thai Buddhists walk around temple at night with lit candles, incense, flowers.

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