Read About Our Discount Sale from October 1 - Nov 1, 2014 - Below:

Order any items that total between $29 and $49 and get 20% off!

Order any items totaling between $50 and $99 and get 25% off!

Order any items totaling between $100 and $199 and get 30% off!

Order any items totaling more than $200 and get 35% off!


Everyone is eligible for this sale. Free shipping on all orders. After you receive your order - email us at the email below, and tell us you received all your items. We’ll then credit you back the proper funds through Paypal.

Please note:

1. This offer is not good for those that pay with Western Union, only Paypal.

2. This offer is for the total of 1 order, customers cannot add separate orders on different dates together to obtain one of the specials.

(example - Customer, Sam, orders a $19.95 amulet which we send to him. Later he orders a $24.95 amulet and asks for the special of 20% off. We cannot give it in this case.)

3. We understand that our cart system sometimes doesn’t work perfectly and you have separate Paypal orders come through on the same day - no problem. All orders from the same day can be added together to reach one of the discount levels above.

 Email address for customer support or sales questions.