Thai Amulet Note – Solid vs. Plated Gold Cases

I wanted to let Thai amulet buyers know something about the way things work in Thailand for buying amulets. When you first buy an amulet you are probably wondering if the case that holds the amulet is 14k, 18k, 22k or plated 14k, 18k, 22k gold.

Here are some tips:

1. 18K and 22K gold is too soft to make a strong Thai amulet case so you will likely not see them. Gold is like lead – very soft and picks up scratches and dings easily. That isn’t what you want in your jewelry.

2. Thai temples outside Bangkok do not, or more clearly, I haven’t seen them make in 6 years – any solid gold cases for amulets. I don’t know why that is – perhaps to Thais they don’t expect their amulets to be of solid gold because they usually are not. The temples, to save money and production costs – use gold plated amulet cases instead.

3. The 14K gold cases, and occasionally you will find an 18K gold case – are made by jewelers, not monks and not ordered by a temple outside Bangkok.

4. All of the Thai amulets we sell here at Thai Amulet Sales have gold plating – which lasts for a long time with care, and is quite economical compared to 14K gold cases.

5. A 14K Gold case and a 14K gold plated amulet case are much different in price. If you bought a 14K pure gold case you would likely pay over 100-150 minimum for the amulet. With gold plated Thai amulet cases, we can offer them much more reasonably.

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