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We have a number of Buddhist websites, but I don’t think we’ve ever listed them together in one place for buyers to view and come to a conclusion whether we are really Buddhist and interested in selling authentic Thai amulets. – here I wanted to write about my journey of meditation over the years. There is nothing about Thai pendants here, just a journal about different meditative experiences I’ve had in and out of the jhanas. – the main site – you are on the blog right now, not the main Thai pendant site. – the original Thai pendant site. We started this just as a way to get information out about the pendants that were in our area, without thinking we would sell these amulets. Then we go the idea to sell them too – and it’s been 3 years of wonderful times!

One thought on “Thai Amulet Note – Our Buddhist Sites

  • March 2, 2011 at 9:29 am

    do you have mor cheewok amulet, i thing it’s for health, please let me know if you have in stock
    thank you


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