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We have a number of Buddhist websites, but I don’t think we’ve ever listed them together in one place for buyers to view and come to a conclusion whether we are really Buddhist and interested in selling authentic Thai amulets. – here I wanted to write about my journey of meditation over the years. There is nothing about Thai amulets here, just a journal about different meditative experiences I’ve had in and out of the jhanas. – the original Buddhist meditation journal and collection of experiences. Some videos and mp3’s are here that might be interesting to you if you are into vipassana, anapanasati, other meditation. – here I give a very simple set of steps for meditation that anyone can follow. Guru not needed. – the main site – you are on the blog right now, not the main Thai amulet site. – this is the Thai amulet blog site you are on right now. Here is where we release updates, new amulets, other new information that will be helpful to you as you search and research the proper Thai amulets to buy. – the original Thai amulet site. We started this just as a way to get information out about the amulets that were in our area, without thinking we would sell these amulets. Then we go the idea to sell them too – and it’s been 3 years of wonderful times!

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  1. hello!
    do you have mor cheewok amulet, i thing it’s for health, please let me know if you have in stock
    thank you

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