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Thai Amulet News – July 13

Unlucky Friday the 13th! But, maybe you’ll be lucky…

If you are the 3rd person sending us email with this in the subject line: “I want a free pendant charm and necklace.”

You’ll get that free, along with a couple of blessed Buddhist bracelets too. Don’t forget to tell us which color you want.

Thai Amulet News

1. We had a really slow June, not sure why that is. We did find some problems with the website, and hope that didn’t stop anyone from ordering. Apparently Paypal doesn’t notify us if there is a problem with the pendant ordering buttons, so the only way we knew is when some prospective buyers emailed us to see if they could order certain Buddhist items they couldn’t order through Paypal.

So, that is fixed – about 30 pages were affected. If you were trying to order amulets, yant flags, charms, or bracelets – you should not get any more errors while ordering.

2. We are considering offers for this Thai jewelry business. It includes a couple of websites, all inventory, and the last 4 years of data. The price is $19,950 USD. Not negotiable. The business is valued at over $30,000 USD. We’d like to sell to someone we get to know and trust. We will help you get it going as well as we have it going now. Write us for an information sheet.

3. June and July in Thailand have been WET! Wetter than usual. Does that mean August and September will be less wet? Let’s hope so.

4. We have MANY new waterproof Thai pendants that you can find HERE.

5. If you are planning on buying a group of pendants at once, email us for possible discounts. Also, if you order over $100 – we almost always give something free for you, meaning – another pendant and necklace. If you are ordering over $500 we give some great freebies. If you want to sell Thai jewelry wholesale – write us. You may not want to buy this site and business, but, we can still maybe supply you with what you require.

6. We’re more than half-way through 2012. We are considering having a sale through the rest of the year. Keep your eyes open for sales announcements at Thai Amulet Sales (.com) and All Buddhas (.com).

Metta friends,


Click one of the below Buddhist figures to learn more and find amulets:

The Buddha – Happy Buddha – Jinaraj Buddha – Somdej Buddha

Kwan Yin – Ganesh – Nong Kwak – Luang Phor Tuad 

Jatukam Ramathep –  Thai Black Magic – Buddha Relics

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