Thai Amulet Buyer Testimonials Page Updated

We just updated the Thai amulet buyer testimonial page recently and added another 10 or so of the recent “thanks” we received for sending out quality Thai amulets and bracelets, yants, and other Buddhist items. Now there are about 42 testimonials. That is a tiny portion of how many we have – but, hopefully that’s enough to help you see that we offer a great service!

If you are in the market for Thai amulets and you are not sure if what you’re seeing is real. We are real. We source the amulets you see here at the /blog/ and also at the main site only from temples that sell the amulets directly. We are not involved with any Thai amulet sellers that are not monks or magee.

All our Thai amulets have been blessed at the temple by senior monks, and in most cases, the Abbot of the temple himself.

There are hundreds of thousands of inauthentic amulets in Thailand and across the world that you’ll find online.

You wont find any here!


Click one of the below Buddhist figures to learn more and find amulets:

The Buddha – Happy Buddha – Jinaraj Buddha – Somdej Buddha

Kwan Yin – Ganesh – Nong Kwak – Luang Phor Tuad 

Jatukam Ramathep –  Thai Black Magic – Buddha Relics


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