More Thai Buddha Amulet Inventory Coming – Photos

Here are some more photos of some new Buddha amulets we found and will put online at the main site in a couple days. If you are interested – write us and let us know which one you want before we put them up. We frequently sell amulets before they even have an order page finished for them. In fact, some of our amulets are sold out before we can even put them on the Thai Amulet Sales site.

Thai Buddha Photo Gallery Below:

Alternative to PayPal Payment for Thai Amulets?

We have been working on another solution to help customers have another way to pay for the Thai amulets and other Buddhist items we have for sale here.

We’ll let you know as things develop. Some of our customers have asked that we provide credit card only processing… and, being in Thailand that is easier said than done. We don’t want to go with a Thai credit card processor so we’ll be going with someone based in the states or UK, possibly Australia or Canada even. We think there is a large percentage (25% ?) that want to pay without using your current paypal account or wanting to sign up for a new PP account.

We want it for you – whatever way is convenient really. We hope we can enable some alternative forms of payment in the near future. Stay tuned if you’ve thought about purchasing our Thai amulets but haven’t wanted to pay with PP.