Shhh, A Secret Amulet Sale 4/29 to 5/8!

Here’s an idea we just had. We’d like to see how many people are reading this blog section of our Thai Amulet Sales site, so we thought we’d offer a special sale just to you that are reading this!

For the next week ONLY – we’ll offer a 40% OFF DISCOUNT from all items between $20 and $60. You can buy multiple items, and all that are within those prices, will be discounted by 40%.


We’ll give 20% off on items over $100!

This is only for individual items – and not for an order that adds up to $100.


TERM OF SALE – 4/29/14 to 5/8/14!

Order the items at the regular price, and email us to tell us you saw the sale notice. When you receive your items – let us know so we can apply the discount!

Thai Amulet Christmas Sale!

If you see this notice and mention it to us after you buy your Thai amulet or amulets from our store then we will reimburse you 10% on orders up to $50.

If your amulet order totals $51 to $100 – 15%.

If you order over $250 in Thai amulets and other Buddhist accessories we will send you back 20%.

This offer good for orders that include amulets, bracelets, or yant cloths in any combination.


You will also receive, if you mention that you would like them, my 2 Thai Food Cooking Books found here: – for FREE!

Merry Christmas and have a great holiday season.

This offer expires 12/31/09.

:) Joy