New Luang Phor Tuad Jatukam Style Amulets

We only have 3 of these Luang Phor Tuad styles of Buddhist amulet left.
We only have 3 of these Luang Phor Tuad styles of Buddhist amulet left. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

We have had these gold plated cased amulets in stock for about two months and we have yet to be able to put them on the site on a proper page. If you are interested in one of these, just send us email and tell us which one. We’ll create a Paypal invoice that you can use to purchase the amulet. You will receive a free necklace and a couple of free blessed Buddhist bracelets when you purchase one of these below.

Luang Phor Tuad amulets are always in very high demand, all over Thailand and even in Burma and India. We have a number of people from India requesting LPT amulets frequently, but we don’t sell to buyers in India or Pakistan. Sorry, there have been too many scams when we’ve done so in the past.

2 New Luang Phor Tuad Jatukam Style Amulets

Here are two new Buddhist amulets we found at the originator of the Jatukam amulets in Nakhon si Thammarat, Southern Thailand.

Luang Phor Tuad Buddhist monk amulet in Jatukam style from Nakhon Si Thammarat temple in southern Thailand.

Luang Phor Tuad Jatukam style amulet from southern Thailand, Wat Mahathat.

We will get these up on the Luang Phor Tuad amulets page as soon as we can. These are some of the nicest Jatukam styles LPT amulets we’ve had in stock. We are not sure of the price yet, under $100, but not exactly sure what the final price will be. If you want one before we have it listed on the site – do let us know so you can reserve it. Email:


Luang Phor Tuad’s Natural Disaster Protection Amulet

Luang Phor Tuad natural disasters protection amuletLuang Phor Tuad is a very famous monk from Thailand and his amulets probably sell more than any other amulets except the Buddha amulets here in Thailand.

He is known as the monk that offers protection from personal danger – and natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, lightenings, flood, mudslides, volcano – literally any natural disaster is what this amulet is for.

This is a well priced Luang Phor amulet and they don’t have too many of these left at the temple. Not sure they’ll have this exact amulet for long.

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