Very Rare Collectors Edition Silver Buddhist Amulet

Ajahn Jumnien Special Collectors Edition Amulet.
Ajahn Jumnien Special Collectors Edition Amulet.
Front of Special Edition Collector's Amulet featuring Wath Tham Suea Buddhist Temple in Krabi, Thailand.
Front of Special Edition Collector’s Amulet featuring Wath Tham Suea Buddhist Temple in Krabi, Thailand.

This is an exceptional collectors edition amulet we were lucky to find at our local temple. Ajahn Jumnien, the featured monk, is known as Thailand’s Good Luck Monk. He has followers all over the world, in Singapore, Korea, Japan, Burma, India, Thailand of course, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Australia – literally all over the world. His temple is the Tiger Cave Temple of Krabi, Thailand.

This is a limited edition amulet, and we bought all the temple had left. Only a very small number of these exclusive amulets were created. They are rare and will likely not be remade at a date in the future.

If you would like one of these good luck amulets with Aj. Jumnien, you’ll need to go to THIS PAGE soon and order one before they are gone.

Thank you!

1st Edition Ajarn Jumnien Good Luck Amulet – A Great Find!

I found a new Ajarn Jumnien 1st edition Good Luck Amulet at the temple – and I could not be happier – talk about lucky!

I was looking around the temple at some of the amulet stands I don’t usually go to. There were a number of new counters that opened up recently, and I figured they were for donations and to get the blessed bracelets put on by the magee (Buddhist nuns) that reside at the temple.

I puchased a couple of bells at one location, and then saw a counter that was out of the way, and I thought just for donations.

There was a display of amulets and other things. I went over to look and they had some unique and really lovely Buddhist jewelry and Buddha amulets, Nawagote amulets, Shiva amulets, Ganesha amulets… all sorts of things – and none of these amulets or necklaces was ever seen at the temple before. It was great!

Usually the good things – the ones that mean something, are under some of the other amulets and you have to really strain to find them. This was the case yesterday as I looked under the first layer of amulets at the next shelf that was hidden by all that was on top of the first shelf.

There, staring up at me was a tri-color Ajarn Jumnien, 1st Edition Blessed Good Luck amulet that I haven’t seen at the temple for nearly two years now because they sold everything they had in that series already!

I asked the magee to show it to me and she looked at me like – “Do you know what this is?”

I knew.

If I could rewind life a couple years, I’d be right back there at the temple and buying every single one of the Ajarn Jumnien Good Luck amulets in this series – they were amazing. There were great stories told at the temple by monks, magee, and those that bought the amulets.

I was stunned when she told me the price of the amulet – and when you buy sacred amulets at the Buddhist temples – you shouldn’t argue about price. The amulet is worth everything they say it is. This isn’t a market in Bangkok, it’s the Buddhist temple… nobody is trying to take advantage of you or give you less than what you’re paying.

I wanted the amulet really bad, and didn’t have enough cash for it. I gave her 1,000 THB and asked her to hold it for me until I returned from the ATM machine with the rest of the money.

She did – and when I returned, I bought the best amulet I’ve had in years. This is a one of a kind – there are none left – literally. The Aj. Jumnien Good Luck collection sold out very fast. It was created for Ajarn Jumnien’s 70th birthday year – and there were about 500 made in various designs – primarily 2. In each amulet run there are made the affordable amulets – and those amulets that are beyond almost all Thai people’s reach – and are hundreds of dollars USD.

This is the last amulet of this quality at the temple!

The magee kept telling me over and over – with very solemn face – number 1 power… this one, number one power… in Thai, of course, she spoke no English.

This amulet is brilliant 18K gold with copper and silver for the other colors. The tri-color amulets are paying respect to the Buddhist trinity – that of Dhamma, Buddha, and Sangha.

It has been wrapped in protective clear plastic – as Thais often do with their best amulets, to preserve everything about it – as if brand new.

I love finding hidden treasures at the temples – and this has been the most amazing find, and totally unexpected. I have looked over and over – dozens of times for some more of these style amulets. I have never seen the first editions of this style – except the first day they had the ceremony to bless them on the full moon day – at the auspicious hour. Maybe my karma has come around and is giving me a great find!??

I’ll take some photos and put this on it’s own page at – under the Specials. It is special, not for the price – which will be fair, but not discounted – but for the rarity of this lovely tricolor Buddhist monk amulet.