New Items from Cambodia

We are returning to Cambodia and will purchase some of the items you see below. We will not buy all of them, so, if you are interested in a particular item, do let us know by pre-ordering it. All of the items listed below are in very good shape, are handmade, and are of the highest quality. In fact, when Vern went, he was astounded at the quality of items he found.

Cambodia and Thailand are very different when it comes to Buddhist amulets and other items. Most of these we have never seen offered in Thailand (no similar items).

In particular, the crystal and other stone items were just unreal to see in person.

Email us that you would like to pre-purchase an item so we can ensure you get it. We will send the items from Cambodia by registered, first class mail with insurance – so – you won’t lose it. Shipping and handling is FREE for the following items:

Cambodian (Khmer) Crystal Buddha Head – $129 USD.
Cambodian (Khmer) Crystal Buddha Head – front view. No deep scratches in the crystal, that is showing the reflection of scratches in the glass case.
Six sided lotus flower box – Sterling Silver – Cambodia (Khmer) – $139 USD.
Six sided lotus flower box (side) – Sterling Silver – Cambodia (Khmer)
Hand carved solid jade Buddha – Khmer (Cambodia) – $119 USD. We bought 3 of these the first time we went to Cambodia – and we have these in stock right now. We sold out of these jade Buddhas above. :(
Bamboo Wood Plate Set from Cambodia – $229 USD. Shipping for these plates starts to get expensive for us. For you – free shipping as always.
White – Green Tinted – Crystal Monk Meditating from Cambodia (Khmer) – $169 USD. Exceptional piece… why I didn’t buy it the first time, I can’t explain. My head was spinning from seeing all the gorgeous stone and crystal Buddhas available in Cambodia. Sold out.
Nong Kwak Statue – made of Sassafrass wood – and very fragrant! – $139 USD. Free shipping.
Sterling Silver Jewelry Box from Cambodia – Khmer – $119 USD.
Sterling silver jewelry box – side.

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