Stone Carved Buddha – Waterproof – Blue

Stone carved Buddha in waterproof case shipped free from Thailand
$24.95 - Stone carved Buddha in waterproof case shipped from Thailand free
Reverse side of stone carved Buddha amulet from Thailand.
Reverse side

These waterproof stone-carved Buddha amulets are some of the most popular that we have here at Thai Amulet Sales. The waterproof cases are tough plastic and won’t break easily – they will probably last a lifetime. We also have an orange rimmed amulet case if you like that better. We have only a couple of these and no way to get replacements – these are one-of-a-kind.

Free shipping from Thailand to wherever you are in the world.

Order now if you like this one – we have very few.

$24.95 + $FREE SHIPPING = $24.95 shipped worldwide.

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