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Solid Silver Buddha Jayanti 2600 Limited Edition Amulet

A solid silver limited edition Buddha Jayanti pendant celebrating 2600 years of Buddhas enlightenment.
A solid silver limited edition Buddha Jayanti pendant celebrating 2600 years of Buddhas enlightenment.
Wat Mahathat Buddhist temple in Nakhon si Thammarat province, southern Thailand.
Wat Mahathat Buddhist temple in Nakhon si Thammarat province, southern Thailand.

We have been focusing on buying very high quality pendants for the last year. Solid silver pendants are one of our favorites because they last forever, and you can hand them down to your children or other loved ones when you pass. We all pass eventually, and it’s nice to be able to give people special to us something they can remember us by, and then give to their children as well.

So, we’ve been focusing on solid silver pendants and especially rare and antique pendants lately. Keep checking back to this page at the blog ( to see the latest pendants we have on offer. The sad truth is we don’t have very many of our best pendants listed on the site anywhere. We’re trying to rectify that and add some of our really rare and special pendants here at the blog in separate posts.

We don’t have any more than this one Buddha Jayanti 2600 Solid Silver shield pendant from Wat Mahathat in southern Thailand. Once it is gone, there are no more. We haven’t seen any more of the solid silver pendants in this shield style from this temple. When they are initially offered at the temple they go quickly! We were really lucky to get this one shield pendant.

You’ll notice two things about this rare amulet…

1. The eyelet is sealed off. During the casting, this solid silver pendant is sealed as you see here. If you like, we can drill a hole for you so you can add a necklace and wear it around your neck. It is silver, so you will have to clean it with some silver cleaning solution every now and then. The nice thing about solid silver is that it won’t permanently discolor – it always wipes clean.

2. There is a limited edition number imprinted on the reverse side. This is a rare pendant that will not be made again. Buddha Jayanti pendants were made in June 2012 to commemorate the 2600th year of the Buddha. Many temples made similar amulets. Those from the Buddhist temples accorded the highest respect, are worth much more than those from no-name temples. The reason being, these pendants are blessed by the abbot and monks at these temples.

In Delhi, India there is a Jayanti Park that was created in the year 2,500 post-Buddha’s enlightenment. There was a giant festival in AD 2012 for the 2,600th year of the Buddha’s nirvana. The festival is also known as Sambuddhatva Jayanthi. Buddhist followers in many countries celebrate this auspicious time when the Buddha freed himself, and essentially, the world, from the power suffering has over us.

Item number is: BUDJAY2600SS

Dimensions: 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm (1.25″ x 1″) – approximately

This limited edition solid silver pendant is listed for just: $99.95

We don’t have a Paypal button set up for this pendant yet. If you want it, order quickly we really do only have one available. Our Paypal account is: We give you a free necklace and some free blessed Buddhist bracelets with your purchase. Shipping is free and we send using International Registered Mail from Thailand with tracking.

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