Front side of Luang Phor Tuad solid silver special edition Thai amulet.  Luang Phor Tuad solid silver amulet from southern Thailand.

Solid Silver Protection & Good Luck Pendant
- Luang Por Tuad #9800

Solid silver pendant from Wat Tum Sua. This is a beautiful designed protection / good luck amulet with famous and much revered Buddhist monk, Luang Por Tuad on the front. Below him it says his name in Thai. On the right of Luang Por Tuad is a number in Thai vertically - #101. On the left is a sacred inscription to show it’s authentic.

Pra Upakut is on the reverse side seated in a lotus flower and surrounded by enlightened aura. Above him it says in Thai, “Stepping on the Andaman Sea.” Below him it says his name and below his name it says, “Wat Tum Sua, JangWat Krabi (city Krabi)”.

There were only made a limited quantity of these pendants - many of them were sent to temples around Thailand. This home temple will have a group of probably 50 to sell. I bought 2 today and I’m thinking seriously about buying the rest as these will sell very quickly. Thais, like foreigners really appreciate the value of the solid silver amulets and since this is the first they released it will sell out fast.

Finally we have a solid silver pendant!

This will make an ideal gift
- as it will last forever with care.

This is a new amulet - pendant we will purchase from the temple for you when you order securely through Paypal.

*10% of all sales goes back to the temple in the form of a donation.


Sorry, the temple isn’t making these any longer