Seated Ayuttyha Style Buddha – Waterproof Case

Seated gold Buddha in Ayuddhya style in waterproof plastic case shipped from Thailand
$19.95 - Seated Buddha in Ayuddya Style amulet from Thailand
Side of gold seated Buddha amulet in Ayutthya style from Thailand - free shipping worldwide.
Reverse side of seated Ayuddhya style Buddha amulet from Thailand - with free shipping.

This is a bright gold dipped or plated Buddha figurine in the classic Ayutthya style. This amulet was obtained – like all of our amulets from our local Buddhist temple called Tiger Cave Temple. You can find many things written about this temple if you Google it.

This is a waterproof Buddha amulet with a strong case that should hold up to years of hard wear for children – or any active person.

This is a very cool amulet that can be worn around the neck on a necklace, but is probably too fragile to be on your wrist. Buddhas should never be worn around the ankle.

We have just a few of these.

Free shipping from Thailand to wherever you are in the world.

Order now if you like this one – we have very few.

$19.95 + $FREE SHIPPING = $19.95 shipped worldwide.

Every amulet we sell has been blessed at our local Buddhist temple. The temple does not allow any amulets to be sold that are not blessed.

In addition to buying all of our amulets straight from the temple, we also give 10% of all sales (net) back to the temple. It’s a win-win-win for the temple – you – and us.

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