Re: Us Buying Your Buddha or Other Buddhist Amulets

We don’t buy any Buddha or other Buddhist amulets from anywhere other than the temples we visit. We have had a lot of people recently asking us to buy their amulets from here or there. We just don’t buy any from outside the temples we know and respect.

The possibility for fake amulets is very high in Thailand and even higher outside Thailand. If you want cheap and fake amulets you can go to eBay. We saw some similar to ours that were selling very cheaply. These were made at jewelers, and not the temples. Please understand that some of the amulets on eBay are selling for less than we can even get at the temple. What that means is… fake amulets on Ebay.

So, if you want genuine Buddha amulets – we have them. If you want fakes – there are fakes of the original authentic amulets all over Ebay – we just saw some there. Go have a look if you are not Buddhist and don’t require the real amulets.

Why would you want the real ones then?

Good luck to you…


Click one of the below Buddhist figures to learn more and find amulets:

The Buddha – Happy Buddha – Jinaraj Buddha – Somdej Buddha

Kwan Yin – Ganesh – Nong Kwak – Luang Phor Tuad 

Jatukam Ramathep –  Thai Black Magic – Buddha Relics

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