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Rare Petrified Wood Buddha Pendants Collection

Unique – One of a Kind – Petrified Wood Carved Buddha Pendants Collection

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Brown petrified wood Buddha with silver case or gold case (prices on site).

Black petrified wood Buddha with silver case or gold case.

Very rare brown petrified wood Buddha – several million years old from remote Sisaket province Buddhist temple.
Very rare black petrified wood Buddha from Sisaket Theravada Buddhist temple in Thailand. Reverse side of black petrified wood Buddha with monk notes and blessings.

Over the holidays we went on a journey across Thailand and visited some of the most remote Buddhist temples in the country. What we found at one temple surprised and delighted us – petrified wood carved Buddhas – millions of years old! We immediately bought as many as we could afford – and left a few for other Thai people that wanted to partake in the generous offering by the temple. We bought just a few – and these are very limited.

We will only sell one pendant to each person. These are very rare – absolutely unique amulets, that are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We are keeping some of these for ourselves to give to our children.

Here you can see one of the monks at the temple holding a small piece of brown petrified wood. He also had a piece of black petrified wood there – they will make more pendants at some point – and i hope we are around when they do.

These rare petrified wood Buddha amulets are 100% unique – and we’ll not offer them again unless we’re lucky enough to time our visit with them the next time they carve these Buddhas. We don’t expect it – we’re just happy to have arrived for these. These Buddhas are not available after we sell out – we bought only a few of these, and when they are gone – they are truly gone.

Each sacred and blessed petrified wood Buddha pendant will be set in either a solid silver, or solid gold (18k) case. We will not sell them without cases.

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Note – sorry, no special offers or discounts are applicable for orders of these, or the white jade Buddha amulet collection.

Piece of petrified wood found in the same area as those the pendants were made from.

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