Life size white jade Buddha from
which these Buddha amulets were crafted.
Solid silver case holding rare
white jade Buddha
Uncased white jade Buddha -
1st Som Dej Style
Uncased white jade Buddha -
2nd Som Dej Style

Unique - One of a Kind - Jade Buddha Amulets Collection
(Our special jade collection from Sisaket, Thailand)

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Our Cross-Country Thai Amulet Adventure

We went on a Thailand wide trek across the country - and into some remote temples that we have and haven’t seen before. We were overwhelmed with surprise and good karma all at once when we found an amazing collection of white jade Buddhas at a remote Sisaket province, Theravada Buddhist temple that we’d visited six years before.

This temple is home to a life-sized solid white jade Buddha (shown in photo above) that is just stunning. As they hand-carved this beautiful jade Buddha they saved each piece of rare white jade so they could later make Som Dej Buddha amulets from the same special rock. Only recently did they do so, and we just happened to stop by there and find them!

We bought all their best white jade Buddha amulets from them - and returned the following day to pick up another rare find - Petrified Wood Carved Buddhas - from wood millions of years old.

These lovely jade Buddha amulets are absolutely one of a kind. They are not available after we sell out - we only have a limited number - and that is all we or the temple has. They are gone after they sell out.

We will only sell 1 rare jade Buddha amulet to each buyer. No more. Same with the petrified wood Buddhas. These are a very limited collection and it would be a shame for one person to get more than one!

Each sacred and blessed jade Buddha amulet will be set in either a solid silver, or solid gold (18k) case. We will not sell them without cases.

Prices range for all these amulets.

We have taken some photos - but the white jade is very difficult to photograph! Photos of these amazing rare Som Dej white jade amulets at


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