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Phra Upakut Disaster Protection Amulet

Wat Tham Seua, Krabi

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This Phra (monk) Upakut Thai amulet is to protect from natural water disasters such as tsunamis, floods, and hurricanes. The wearer of the amulet is supposed to weather the storm much more safely than would have been the case without it.

Phra Up Ah Kut is a Buddhist or Hindu spirit that governs all bodies of water. This amulet is to protect the wearer from natural water disasters.

This Thai amulet comes from Wat Tum Sua in Krabi province. The name in English means, Tiger Cave Temple. Krabi was hard hit by the tsunami, and Wat Tum Sua felt none of it’s fury, being set back away from the Andaman sea just over a kilometer away. This is a new amulet we will purchase from the temple for you when you order securely through Paypal.

3.5cm diam
.25cm thick
2.5cm wide

*10% of all sales goes back to the temple in the form of a donation.