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Ornate Ganesh Pendant (Our Best!)

Ornate Ganesh Pendant (Our Best!)

Wat Mahathat in Nakhon Si Thammarat

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Our FAVORITE Ganesh Amulet

Ganesh amulet from Southern Thailand - highly decorated ornate design. This is our best Ganesh amulet we have ever had.

This is the finest Ganesh amulet we have had (or seen) at a Buddhist temple in Thailand near our home. This was on the top left side of a display case, under many other older amulets. If you don't know, Thais usually keep a group of amulets that they've bought for themselves in a special place in the case with the rest of the amulets they are selling. When you ask to see them, the magee (Buddhist nun) almost always says - those amulets are not for sale. They are usually very high quality and they are not for sale.

We really were lucky when we saw this amulet peeking out from under the stack of amulets on top. When we asked to see it - our eyes lit up because we never one like this. The woman selling the amulets she also never see one like this Ganesh. I think she saw a look in our eyes when we asked if we could possibly rent it. She took a long time to answer. She talk about many things at the temple and where she grew up in Khanom, and ask where I grew up and my husband and daughter. We left and went to find other amulets because we didn't think she would let it go. We return after ninety-minutes and tell her we really like the Ganesh amulet and she surprise us by saying OK!

We paid so much, but we think it is worth it. We also don't care too much if we sell it, we are not making hardly any money from this one. But, if you really like to have it - you can have it. We are not sure how long we will leave it here on the site. We like it a lot too!

On the reverse side of this premium Ganesh amulet is the universal Om symbol in a lovely orange lotus-flower shape with orange and gold. Photo coming. Sorry!

This case I don't know where it was found, the temple does not usually have something so high-end. I think someone must have bought this amulet years ago and know it deserved a very nice case.

Please if you buy this amulet we ask that you take a special care of it! Or, if you buy it as a Christmas or birthday gift please let the person know you are buying it for - there is no other amulet like this that we've seen here in Thailand and please take care of it.

If you don't know, Ganesh is the god of obstacles - both placing and removing obstacles in people's path. Sometimes known as "Ganapati" or "Vinayaka."

If you have something coming up that you want to go smoothly, you can request to Ganesh to make it run smooth. If you would like, or need, some obstacle removed from your path, then you can also ask. We have a very large gold Ganesh statue on the fountain in front of our home. There are many of them across our city and it is nice to see that so many Buddhists know Ganesh too.

Sorry, more detailed photos of side of premium stainless-steel case and reverse side with Om symbol coming soon - I'm not sure where they are! Will re-shoot photos soon, or just ask to take more photos of this amazing Ganesh amulet.

This amulet includes: