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6 Brown Triangle Petrified Wood Somdej Toh Amulets - WLK Collection

6 Brown Triangle Petrified Wood Somdej Toh Amulets - WLK Collection

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We have just six (6) of these collectible Somdej Toh Buddha amulets in the triangle shape. We have already sold a couple dozen of them over the years. Petrified wood, is of course, millions of years old from Wat Lahn Kuat in Northeast Thailand. This is part of the "WLK Amulet Collection" which includes premium brown and black petrified wood and white jade amulets like you will not find anywhere else in Thailand or the world.


Somdej Toh






brown petrified wood (stone)


Can add free stainless steel traditional case, or upgrade for $80 to solid silver case.


1 – 1.25 inches (2.5 – 3 cm)


approx 3/4 inch (2 cm)

Buddhist Temple

Wat Lahn Kuat (WLK)

Temple Location

Sisaket, Thailand


Some of the amulets have, on the reverse side, an inscription that reads the name of the temple - Wat Lahn Kuat, and the year the amulet batch was made. Some of these were made in the Buddhist year 2547, and others in 2548. This corresponds to the Christian year (A.D.) - 2004, or 2005.


The reason for the popularity of Somdej Toh amulets deserves an entire page of history. 

There is probably no more highly sought after style of amulets than Somdej Toh amulets here in Thailand. The reason is that the power of luck and good fortune from people with these amulets is staggering. Everyone seems to have a story about their amulet, and once they rent one - they don't tend to ever relinquish it. Somdej amulets are passed down through history from father to son or daughter... and so on.

Choose one of our 6 very rare brown petrified wood Somdej Toh style amulets below, or if you like, we can choose the best one for you.