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Solid Silver Khun Paen Jatukam Amulet

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This is a Khun Paen pendant made of solid silver from the original temple, Wat Mahathat in Southern Thailands Nakhon Si Thammarat. This is not a copy, it is original and now very rare. A collectors item limited edition. Many foreign Muay Thai boxers buy this or the solid copper Khun Paen amulets.

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When we first started seeing these premium Thai pendants available a few years ago, we were able to buy three or four and sell them for under $200 each. In a very short amount of time this has become a major collector’s item and now these Khun Paen (Kun Pan) pendants are being sold for $600+. That’s USD. We have two of them, and we didn’t buy them at that price. We will sell one of them for a very good price, and the other we will keep for the future. We suggest if you buy this solid silver Ajarn Khun Paen – or even the copper version, you keep it for a few years because the price is probably going to skyrocket. This is what usually happens with the Wat Mahathat pendants that are very hard to find. Today we cannot find any of these pendants at the temple. They are probably being sold from trader to trader for high THB (Thai Baht).

These Khun Paen pendants are highly sought after for a number of reasons, but protection from harm, from violence, from crime, is the number one reason people purchase these. Muay Thai fighters overseas really have bought a large number of our previous Khun Paen amulets, and some swear by them.

These are the originals direct from the Wat Mahathat Buddhist temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.

We can add a stainless steel case for free, or you can order an ornate (fancy) solid silver case for another $80. Just let us know after you order.

We could also put a gold plated case on this if you like – up to you.

Khun Paen with his sword (krabi krabong / parang) is on the front of this limited edition and now very rare amulet.

On the reverse is the standard small Jatukam Ramathep figure surrounded by rahu demons in a circle around.

This pendant is exceptionally rare.

Our photography for the brightest silver pendants is not very good. Please be assured, this silver pendant is brilliantly bright and you will not be disappointed upon receiving it and welcoming it into your home.

This Solid Silver Khun Paen (Kun Pan) Jatukam Amulet includes:

  • FREE TRADITIONAL SILVER CASE (or, add ornate solid silver case for just +$80)

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Additional information


Jatukam Ramathep, solid silver


Kun Pan was not a monk, but is revered by Thai Buddhists.




traditional stainless, or solid silver (optional)

Size - diameter

1.4 inches, 3.8 cm

Size - depth

1/8 inches, 3.5 mm


solid silver

Buddhist Temple

Wat Mahathat

Temple Location

Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand

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