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Special Edition LP Thong TOK HAK Buddha [Free Shipping]

$279.99 $190.00

Exceptionally Rare Limited Edition Sothorn Buddha Pendant

This is a new solid copper rectangle style Sothorn Buddha from Wat Mahathat in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Ampur Muang (central).

We have only a couple of these – and they are gone forever. This is not a recurring edition, they made very few at the temple, and they will not make any more like this one. This is a one-time chance to get a unique pendant from one of the most respected, high-level, Theravada Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia.

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One of Our Rarest LP Thong Buddha Pendants

This is a premium pendant that we only have three left. We sold two already! Manufacturing Buddha pendants is an arduous process and the final product is always slightly different from others in the batch. These are three very slightly different looking pendants – all of which have unique charm.

We were able to get in on this pendant early and so we were able to choose from among about fifteen of these amulets. We chose the best looking. Not that Buddhists here in Thailand tend to care at all whether the pendant looks perfect – they believe in it all the same. It’s that we sell to foreign pendant buyers across the globe and many people do look at the pendants with an eye to buying those that ‘look good.’

เหรียญหล่อ พระสมเด็จโต๊ะหัก เนื้อสำริดโบราณ รุ่นพระธาตุเจดีย์ ปี2549 จัดสร้างและพิธีพุทธาภิเษก โดย หลวงพ่อทอง วัดสำเภาเชย จ.ปัตตานี

So, these are the best they had of these amulets. Buy with confidence.

This is a thick solid copper rectangular-shaped Buddha pendant from Wat Sampaocher, the famous temple in Pattani province in the deep south of Thailand. This is a premium pendant which comes with a customized presentation box (shipped separately).

The reverse side of this pendant features the main Chedi from the Wat Sampa temple, along with sacred yan symbols.

The uniqueness of this pendant is unquestioned. We have never seen anything remotely similar. It appears to be a style copy of Somdej Toh, but it is a new premium design that is already sold out at the temple. Few will go on the market – you probably cannot find even one of these pendants on sale anywhere online except right here.

This pendant is shown without a protective or decorative case. We do add a free case for you for this amulet, it is a traditional stainless steel case which most of the older-style Thai pendants you can find online are presented.

Alternatively, you can ask for us to protect your one-of-a-kind pendant with a solid silver case, which will add ($80). There will be a couple of days processing time to find the right case and have it set. If you’d like the silver case, ask us to send you a Paypal invoice to cover it.

NOTE – if you want a particular one you see in the photos here, send us the image by right clicking the image and choosing save as. Send it to us in email and we’ll see if we still have it. Otherwise we send the one we choose at the time of your order.

This Luang Phor Thong Buddha Pendant with Wat Sampa Chedi on the reverse includes:

  • FREE STAINLESS STEEL CASE ($80 for solid silver case)


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Additional information


Sothorn, Solid Copper


Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni, Buddha




traditional stainless steel, or solid silver (optional)

Size - Height

1.25-inches, 2.8 cm

Size - Width

.75-inches, 2.2 cm

Buddhist Temple

Wat Mahathat

Temple Location

Nakhon Si Thammarat, A Muang

Age Group



Brown, Orange



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