Solid Copper Phra Luang Phor Tuad Amulet

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A traditional style solid copper Phra Luang Phor Tuad amulet with Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) Chedi on the reverse side. We have sold hundreds of these amulets. If you want LPT, you probably want at least one of these amulets.

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This is one of our main traditionally styled solid copper Phra Luang Phor Tuad amulets from Wat Tham Seua in Krabi province – Krabi Noi. This temple is “Tiger Cave Temple” of the south. The abbot of this temple is Thailand’s good luck monk – well versed in the mystical.

This solid copper Luang Phor Tuad amulet is one of our best sellers this year and every year for the past six years. The style hasn’t changed at all and this seems to be a favorite at the temple because they also sell out of this often. We buy them in batches, and now have about three left.

This is solid copper, so it will change with exposure to your skin, rain, shower, any water. It will turn brownish and can be cleaned anytime, but it’s natural for it to turn brown, so maybe just leave it like that. ;)

The front of this amulet features a seated Phra LPT with his left foot dipping down off the seat. Do you know why? The story is that he was on the boat with some very thirsty – some say nearly mad – occupants and they had no fresh water for days. Luang Phor dipped his foot into the salt water off the boat and turned it to fresh water, which they gratefully drank until filled.

Luang Phor Tuad has a few of these stories about him and is very VERY popular among Thai Theravada Buddhists. He is perhaps their favorite monk of all time.

The reverse side of this popular amulet features the very large chedi at Wat Tham Seua they are building close to the main hall.

Order this amulet today as one you should have if LPT is a monk special to you.

This amulet is not meant for a case, and it will not rust in water – it is made of solid copper so it will change color to brown and green, but it can be easily cleaned with copper cleaning solution to restore it as brand new.

This Traditional Phra Luang Phor Tuad amulet includes:

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Specs and Measurements


traditional, oval


Luang Phor Tuad








1.5 inch, 3.7 cm


1 inch, 2.5 cm

Buddhist Temple

Wat Tham Seua

Temple Location

Krabi, Thailand

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