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Jade Yin-Yang Necklace Pendants

$24.99 $18.88

Yin Yang symbol – Duality – Everything is Inter-Connected. OPTIONS – Different colors of jade.


These jade Yin Yang symbols are something we don’t see often at our Theravada Buddhist temples here in Thailand. They’re not “Thai amulets” per se, except that they were made in Thailand at a Chinese Thai temple.

The Yin and Yang symbol in Eastern Philosophy (Chinese) is to show the dualistic nature of how everything seems to interrelate. Opposites would not be possible without one side. Extreme happiness would not be possible without extreme sadness also being a possibility.

One thing gives rise to another… and the entire human experience is relative.

These are small jade Yin Yang symbols, ideal for a necklace or bracelet. When you buy a Yin-Yang jade pendant, we add a necklace for you at no charge.


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