Fancy Premium Thai Amulet Necklaces – 4 Colors

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Fancy Thai Amulet Necklaces from Thailand.

Black – Olive Green – Maroon (Gold sold out for now)



This is the fancy stainless steel Thai amulet necklace that Thais wear for funerals, weddings, Buddhist holy days, and other special occasions. This premium amulet necklace holds three amulets at the same time.

The necklace is made of strong nylon cord and is about .5cm thick. There are 6 stainless steel end-caps on each necklace, and three fasteners (eyelets) for adding amulets or pendants.

Length: 28-inches (71cm)
Thickness: 1/8th inch (.5cm)

We have 4 colors: Black; Maroon; Olive Green; Gold (sold-out)


Specs and Measurements

Dimensions 74 × .5 cm

Black, Maroon, Olive Green