Buddha and Ajahn Jumnien Tricolor Good Luck Thai Amulet

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Another of our popular Ajahn Jumnien Good Luck Amulets from Wath Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) in the southern province of Krabi, Thailand.

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This good luck Thai amulet is from a batch of Ajahn Jumnien amulets which are released at the Wat Tham Seua Theravada Buddhist temple every couple of years. When they have them, we buy them. Wat Tham Seua (Wat Tum Sua) is also known as the Tiger Cave Temple. Not to be confused with the one near Bangkok in Kanchanaburi. This lucky amulet in Jatukam style (round with sacred geometrical yan – yant) is one of Aj. Jumnien’s best and it is specifically for good luck with matters related to money, income, business. The front and back are in the tricolor style – representing the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. The Buddhist trinity.

The front side of this amulet has Buddha seated in a traditional meditation posture in the center. There is a Dharma wheel around the circumference of the circle surrounding him. There is another circle filled with sacred Pali symbols. The next level is Buddha and the seven types of Buddha representing days of the week.

The reverse side shows the head of Ajahn Jumnien in the center surrounded by a Dharma wheel. The next level has in Thai Ajahn Jumnien Seelasettho and the Wat Tham Seua Temple. The next layer has the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

The case can be traditional stainless steel, or gold plated style as you see in the gallery images. Up to you. We also have a solid silver case option if you wish. Just ask.

This is a very popular style amulet that many people from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and the United States have ordered over the years. The temple has these in stock about once every three years. We have a couple in stock, if you would like one, please order quickly so you’re not disappointed when they are gone.

This Special Edition Good Luck Aj. Jumnien Amulet Includes:

  • FREE STAINLESS STEEL TRADITIONAL CASE (Solid Silver Available – add $80)

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Specs and Measurements


round, tricolor, Jatukam


Buddha, Ajahn Jumnien




gold plated

Size - depth

1/2 inch, 1.3 cm

Size - diameter

1 3/8 inch, 3.6 cm

Buddhist Temple

Wat Tham Seua, Tiger Cave Temple

Temple Location

Krabi Noi, Thailand