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Ajahn Jumnien Tricolor Good Luck Thai Waterproof Amulet

$99.99 $88.00

A small, round, and waterproof limited edition Ajahn Jumnien tricolor or bicolor (gold and silver) good luck pendant from Wat Tham Seua temple in Southern Thailand – Krabi province.

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Every couple of years we’re lucky enough to see some waterproof Ajahn Jumnien pendants at the Wat Tham Seua Temple in Krabi, Thailand. When we do, we buy as many as they have displayed because they sell quickly. People prefer to wear them daily, and the waterproof form-factor allows you to do this without fear that your pendant will discolor, as happens with the gold plated pendants after time. It’s a natural thing sure, but few like their gold turning green, so they buy either the waterproof or the stainless steel cases which last much longer aesthetically.

The front of this tricolor Buddhist pendant features Thailand’s good luck monk, Ajahn Jumnien Seelasettho, the abbot of Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) in Krabi Noi, outside Krabi Town, in Southern Thailand. He is in the center of a Dharma wheel with eight spokes, as is typical.

The reverse side shows Ajahn Jumnien’s trademark symbol surrounded by four spires and a spiral and surrounded by the 12 Chinese animal zodiac characters: rat, dog, pig, etc.

The plastic case is strong and should last a very long time. When it eventually fails it is fairly easy to get a new one.

This good luck Thai pendant features Ajahn Jumnean, Abbot of the Wat Tum Sua temple in Krabi, Thailand. Ajahn Jumnean’s full title is “Luang Por Jumnean Seelasetso”.

Ajahn Jumnean is known Thailand-wide as the “Good Luck Monk” by his ardent followers. He is one of the few Thai monks that puts an emphasis on forest meditation. His teaching style is flexible and he is very talented at matching the right practice to the student. His home temple, Wat Tum Sua is a sprawling temple that extends up into the foothills of mountains and on two mountain tops!

This is a general good luck and protection, health, pendant that is very popular. We have a couple of styles including the tricolor and another just like it but with gold and silver only (bicolor). Please specify which you would like.

This pendant includes:



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Note: Photographs are never representative of the true depth and clarity of the shiny pendants – especially those with gold or silver coating. If I set the camera to capture the true color and brilliance and take the photo in sunlight – where it looks best to the eye – the detail is totally lost in the digital image and it’s a blur. I usually try to capture the detail as much as possible so you can see that the pendants are well made and very clear. Sometimes the brilliance suffers – but, what to do? When you receive the gold or silver pendants you’ll be amazed at how brilliant they are. I’m sure of it.

Additional information


round, small


Ajahn Jumnien




waterproof, plastic

Size - depth

1/2 inch, 1.3 cm

Size - diameter

1 inch, 2.5 cm

Buddhist Temple

Wat Tham Seua, Tiger Cave Temple

Temple Location

Krabi Noi, Thailand

Age Group

adult, kids


Gold, Silver, White



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