4-Headed Buddha (Phra Phrom) Amulet from Thailand (Shiva)


Small silver-encased Phra Phrom pendant from Southern Thailand. (4-faced Buddha amulet) This pendant is the Thai representation of the god of everything – SHIVA in Hindu mythology.



Shiva in Thailand is represented by Phra Phrom, a 4-faced Buddha figure who has the cumulative knowledge from all directions of the world and cosmos.

4 heads or faces is what distinguishes this figure in Thai Theravada Buddhism. This Phra Phrom pendant is highly detailed and well made. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it for yourself, or as a gift to another Buddhist.


The reverse side is the same as the front side.

For some Buddhists, this is the ultimate Buddha amulet, and many are sold in the country. Most temples have pendants including Phra Phrom in some form. This is also a popular statue in Thailand at many temples.

Specs and Measurements

Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 cm

Silver, Gold, Tri-Color