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3 Lime Green and Pink Blessed Sai Sin Theravada Buddhist Bracelets

$14.95 $9.95

3 Lime green and pink adjustable blessed Buddhist bracelets from Wat Mahathat in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.

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The price shown is for 3 lime green and pink bracelets from Wat Tham Seua Theravada Buddhist temple in Southern Thailand, in the province of Krabi.

This is a nylon braided bracelet with a tin with brass plated yant scroll (takrud) rolled around a strand of bracelet. This takrud has a sacred Pali symbol or a holy symbol from the temple it came from, for health and luck. These bracelets are popular with adult Thais in Thailand, and most kids also get a bracelet of some sort when they come to the temple. The length is adjustable and fits nearly all children and most adults.

Note - these takruds are meant to change color with time. One Buddhist monk at the temple explained that it shows the temporary nature of all things because the takrud is shiny at one time, and then changes to something else.

The bracelets can be worn in water and can be washed with a mild soap and water formula.

Price shown is for 3 Sai Sin bracelets - this is our minimum order. If you buy a quantity of 2, you are actually getting 6 bracelets, and so on.


SSL Security Seal for Thai Amulet Sales.

Additional information


lime green, pink




braided nylon


5 to 7.5 inch wrists, 12.5 cm to 19 cm

Band Thickness

5/32 inch, 8 mm