Phra Pidta (Bit Tar) Solid Black Jade Jatukam Style Amulet

This is one of our unique premium Jatukam style amulets in solid black jade (jadeite). This is hand carved and original. We have never seen one like this before.

Reverse side of Pra Bit Tar black jade amulet. This has holy Pali characters inscribed on the back.

Recently we were contacted by a potential buyer in Singapore that asked about this solid black jade Phra Pidta amulet that we weren’t going to sell. We have had this one of a kind amulet for a few years now, over five now. My husband likes it a lot, but when the man asked if we would sell it – he said yes, OK, no problem!

So, we are offering it here for sale to everyone. The price will be $199.95. Previously we thought we might sell it for around $300 USD. We have so many amulets now, and many saved in our collection, so we think we can afford to sell some of them now.

If you are interested in this lovely black jade monk amulet – Phra Pidta is one of the famous Buddhist figures among all monks, and we have a couple of really premium amulets of him. Jatukam style amulets are primarily for protection. Pidta amulets are to remind practitioners of their duty to stay focused on the precepts and Buddhist morals. If this is what you like, let us know and we can send you a high definition photo of our amulet tray with Phra Pidta amulets in it.

Contact us by email and we will create an invoice through Paypal for this amulet. You will get a free premium necklace, some blessed Buddhist bracelets, and free shipping with tracking to your home.


:) Joy

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  1. I intent to get the black jade jatukam style amulet. But can i pay by installment llike bit by bit until it reacbes the amount that i can collect.i realy want to own a black jade amulet .pls help in a way that i can get the amulet.i come from a average family.i only earn a small income ,but i had a disire very long time ago to own a black jade amlet.pls help in a way that i can get the amulet soon.tks

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