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Affiliate Program

For a very long time we’ve wanted to create an AFFILIATE PROGRAM where you can sell our amulets, necklaces, and other Thai jewelry and make commission off all sales.

We have finally come up with a solution – and you can apply for an affiliate account with us – just SCROLL DOWN.

When you sign up to our affiliate program and are accepted, you will be able to make money off buyers you send to our Amulet Store at If you have a lot of traffic on a Buddhist website, a Buddhist Instagram account or blog, or something else – you can monetize that traffic in a new way just by encouraging buyers to buy at our website, and you will be credited for every sale.

You can use any of our images, and links in your email or social media in order to earn a commission. For more information about our Thai Buddhist Jewelry Affiliate program, just APPLY BELOW: 

Click here to fill out the short application.