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New Buddhist Bracelet in Time for Christmas – 10 in Stock

Dark green Buddhist bracelet for Christmas!
Dark green Buddhist bracelet for Christmas!

We just found a new bracelet like we haven’t seen before here in Thailand. We bought about 10 of them, and will get more if there is enough demand to warrant buying more than we have. These have a special braid, and feature some sort of polished stone balls, along with jade balls on them (the green ones). Colors vary a little bit – meaning the colors of the stone balls. If you want yellow balls on yours, or don’t – state your preference in an email to us.

If you are looking for a great little gift for Buddhists in your circle of family or friends, this is a nice item someone will be happy to receive!

The price is just $18 and we will include a couple of other blessed Buddhist bracelets with them (with the rolled metal prayer scrolls). Shipping is free, and if you want to order more than one, send us email and we’ll try to give you a better price. :) Joy

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