New Birthday Charms – Day of Birth Pendants

Thai gold Buddha birthday - day of birth - pendant from ThailandWe have 7 new Thai Buddha birthday pendants up at our main Thai Amulet Sales site today – as a result of a 3 hour effort until 2 am last night. I never think it will take very long – and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to optimizing for Google so it always takes a lot longer than I predicted at the start.

These are Day of Birth Buddha Pendants – Each day shows Buddha in a different pose. If you were born on Saturday you’d see this pendant on the right which is Buddha sitting in a meditation posture (half-lotus) sitting position on top of the coiled naga (serpent) body and with the cobra heads outlining his head from behind. This is a classic figure and widely used in Buddhist temples and shrines across Thailand.

If you’re going to buy a birthday gift for a fellow Buddhist family member, friend, or loved one you should have a look at these very unique gifts from Thailand. Aren’t you tired of buying the same boring gifts for birthdays?

These birthday charms – pendants are also ideal gifts for graduation and even Christmas. Buy one for someone just because you love them – they’re pretty inexpensive and we can ship them immediately for just $9 shipping – worldwide.


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