Kwan Yin (Gwan Yin, Guan Yin, Kwanyin) is the goddess of compassion. Many Buddhists and Hindus alike - and especially many of the Chinese people in Thailand believe that this goddess can remove bad things from happening in their lives. Kwan Yin is a female and she is usually featured standing with one arm raised, or in the classic 1000 arm or 1000 hand pose. Kwan Yin is a very popular figure for Thai amulet makers and we have a number of new amulets to share with you in the following Kwan Yin pages…

The Gwan Yin amulets shared below are direct from the temple and have all been blessed by the monks - usually the abbot of the temple.

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Left side is Front of the Kwan Yin amulet, right side photo is the reverse side.

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Kwan Yin Special Edition
Tricolor Amulet with Gold Case

Reverse side
Kwan Yin 1000 Arm Pose on Tiger
Size: 1.4″ x 1″