Green Thai Jade Buddha Amulets

Green jade Buddha amulet from Thailand with free shipping worldwide.
$99.95 - Green jade Buddha amulet from Thailand Buddhist temple. Free shipping worldwide.
Green jade buddha amulet from a side view.
Plain back - Green Jade Buddha Amulet

We have four of these green jade Buddha amulets- each is a little different, but they’re all in the same style. Keep in mind the one you get may not be exactly like the one you see here – but it will be VERY close.

These are lovely charms which you could put into a necklace or just keep in your home on your dresser.

As I said, we only have 4 of these and we’ve never sold anything jade before these Buddha amulets. We expect them to sell quickly so if you want one – order quickly so you get one. We hate to disappoint people that order late – by saying we don’t have it anymore… :(

Free shipping from Thailand to wherever you are in the world.

Order now if you like this one – we have very few.

Order the Green Jade Buddha Amulet here:

$99.95 + $FREE SHIPPING = $99.95 shipped worldwide.

Sold out in 1 week. Sorry!
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