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Green Buddha, Sothorn, Chinnarat – Thai Amulet #6600


Measurements Description Before Discount Now Item #

4cm long
1cm thick
2.85cm wide

This pendant is a tribute to three of the world famous Buddha pendants that have been created over the years. First is the green emerald Buddha pendant located at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Lower left is a Sothorn Buddha, and lower right is a Chinnarat Buddha. This is a rare amulet, we’ve not seen the temple offer this before, so we bought both of them. This is a brilliant 18K gold cased amulet. The color is stunning. It’s comparable with the other top quality gold pendants we sell – highest quality.


The faceted cuts are a nice effect and increase the flash of the gold.

The color of gold is bright – 18K.

This Thai pendant is small enough for a woman and yet, fine for men too.

Ideal gift amulet!

This is a new pendant we have already purchased and we have in stock.

*10% of all sales goes back to the temple in the form of a donation.

Sold Out – The temple hasn’t had more…

If you want to be on a waiting list – just email us:

$154 $89.90* 6600

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