Genuine Thai Amulets – Made Where?

Many people believe that genuine Thai amulets just come from Thailand. That’s true, and yet, there’s more to it than that. Thai amulets are Buddhist. Theravada Buddhist to be exact. The only place real Theravada Buddhist amulets from Thailand are made is at a Buddhist temple.

If the temple is not large enough they have monks and other craftsmen make the amulets and they are blessed at the temple by the abbot (head) of the temple.

Is there any way for you as a buyer to know if the amulet you’re buying is a genuine Thai amulet or not? There are many little hints that you can add up to get the big picture, but there is no way to really be sure.

We get all our amulets from Wat Tum Sua in southern Thailand. This is called, “Tiger Cave Temple” in translation from Thai. Every amulet Wat Thum Suea (also spelled this way) sells is blessed by the abbot in charge of the temple – Ajarn Jumnien, Thailand’s good luck monk.

We built a website to feature this temple because before this none existed, you can find the temple photos and information – along with layout – map, here:

You can rest assured that we have genuine amulets from a Buddhist temple. Guaranteed 100%.


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