Free Shipping, Free Necklace, Two Free Sai Sin Bracelets

With each purchase of an pendant from our website you will receive:

  • a Free Necklace to go with your amulet
  • 2 Free Blessed Buddhist Sai Sin Bracelets
  • Free Shipping – with tracking if your order is over $40 USD.

13 thoughts on “Free Shipping, Free Necklace, Two Free Sai Sin Bracelets

  1. Steve Tran

    Dear friend,
    I am from USA, i am looking for an amulet for money or wealth. please let me know what amulets are for money. i see amulets for good luck on your site only.


    1. JoyB

      hi Steve, we send to you email.

  2. Joi

    Hi! How long does it take for it to ship to the US?

    1. JoyB

      If you buy something over $40, or pay the extra $6 for shipping – it usually takes 12-14 days. If not, it can take 15-30 days. :P

  3. Mrs. Nataly Cnyrim-Kimmel

    please could you sent me a photo how the
    Chains look like
    warm regards

    1. JoyB

      Look at our bracelets link at the top of the page. :P

  4. Bun

    Hi! I’m looking for amulet for luck, happiness and can make everyone like me. Would you mind to recommend me one? other thing is how long does it take for shipping to Melbourne Australia? Thank!!!

    1. JoyB

      ok, we wrote you email Bunlim!

  5. Dany

    Hi if im a tourist currently in thailand pattaya ? Can u send it to hotel address?
    How long does it takes?

    1. JoyB

      Sorry, no, we don’t send anywhere within Thailand. We think better for you to go to a temple and buy directly. A good experience for you!

  6. Stefaan


    I have just find your website.
    I have bought like 2 or 3 Luang Pu Thuat pendants.
    It was too late and now I have found your website.
    I save it in my favorites as I might order a pendant from you too.
    I just want to let you know.

    thank you and may Buddha bless you…..
    accept my love,

  7. sila

    hi do u send them to london x

    1. JoyB

      Yes, of course.

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