FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Amulets for Sale

1. Are your Thai Amulets 100% Authentic from the Buddhist Temple?

Yes. We know it’s hard to trust a website sometimes, but maybe this will help…

Here are some of our amulet trays - you can see - we have here many amulets to sell to you. You will find these on the pages of this site.

Thailand Amulets - High Resolution Photos (click)

Here are some other websites we have and where I’ve posted about my spiritual journey with Vipassana (Anapanasati) meditation. I’m sincerely interested in providing as many people of the world that want to receive this Buddhist amulets as possible. We don’t sell them for an unreasonable price - nor are we scamming anyone.

http://www.AllBuddhas.com - http://www.jhana8.com - http://www.ThaiAmuletSales.com/blog/

If you are not Buddhist - you shouldn’t buy from us… EBay has many fake amulets that look similar to these - and you can buy them very cheaply there. These amulets are for those that are either Buddhist or sincerely interested in Buddhism.

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2. How Long Will It Take to Receive my Order?

We send worldwide - and the length of time varies quite a bit, and sometimes doesn’t make sense. To ship to Singapore, Laos, or Hong Kong for instance has taken 14+ days. Why? Those countries are very close to us. To ship to America since January 2011 has taken an average of 25-35 days. It’s always a guess. We say - try to be patient for 4 weeks. If it doesn’t come shortly after that - let us know!

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3. I Want More than 1 Type of Thai Amulet (or other product) - How Can I Order?

We don’t have a very good site-wide cart system for now - so please send us an email to:[email protected] letting us know the item numbers and quantities you want and we’ll create a Paypal invoice and send it to you.

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4. Are Your Thai Amulets or Thai Cases PURE Gold?

No. There is no such thing as a pure gold amulet of the type we sell. There are only pure gold coins in Thailand that are sometimes put into amulet cases so you can wear them around your neck. There are some pure gold cases, but, they are so soft - and they scratch and ding so easily - that we don’t carry them at all. We have looked for solid gold Buddhas because we thought they would sell very well. We cannot find them anywhere. Not in 4 years of looking. The gold cases are plated or dipped in gold, and are not solid. Solid gold is very soft and the case would end up looking badly in a short time if they were solid. If another company is representing their cases or amulets as solid  - or their amulets as solid gold, would you let us know? Thanks!

Here is more information on the gold used in Thailand amulets and cases.

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5. Can I Get a Discount for Multiple Thai Amulets / Products?

Just write us to find out. We have already discounted most items on this site, but if you’re buying more than one we may work something out with you. Just ask us at:

Email                                   address for customer support or sales                                   questions.

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6. My Item, or Entire Order is Damaged - What Do I Do?

Take photos of the damaged items and send them to us at:  [email protected]we may choose to ship another order to you or just refund your money.

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7. I Want to Return My Order - How?

We don’t offer refunds for ordered items because our costs to buy the items, donate 10% to the temple, pack them, mail them, and then try to do it again doesn’t make sense. We don’t keep inventory - only buying the amulet at the temple because you wanted it. If we were local in your country we could offer a return policy, being based in Thailand and dealing with the mail system that is less than ideal - we cannot.

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8. Do You Have Necklaces?

We just got some new ones - we have about 20 different kinds now. Click - Thai amulet necklaces.

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9. Can You Give Me Tracking Numbers for my Package?

We send almost all orders just general air mail and have had a 99% success rate doing so - except to certain countries. Malaysia is one we have a very poor success rate with and we don’t send there anymore. Romania, Russia, Belarus, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and all of Africa - sorry, we don’t ship to you. Occasionally we’ll use international registered mail to send your order - and can give you a tracking number. Update - if your order is over $50 and for amulets that are hard or impossible for us to get again - we use tracking, we will send you a number you can use to track through Thailand’s POST system, as well as your own home country.

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10. I Ordered Already - Paying with Paypal and You Emailed me Back Saying - We don’t have that Amulet. WHY NOT?

We don’t keep many amulets in stock. If you order and we don’t have it - we go to the Buddhist temple and check to see if they have your amulet. If not, we’ll ask you if you want to be on the waiting list for the amulet. We’ll also offer you some extra credit to use as cash to buy some of our  other amulets and accessories if you want to purchase something else. If you want a PayPal refund we can process it within 24 hours…

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11. I Paid with Western Union, How Do I Get a Refund?

Sorry, we don’t give refunds unless your items were destroyed. But, we can give you a credit for the item you ordered if you changed your mind - you can transfer that credit to someone else you know if you like. You will need to ship the items you received back to us in good condition. We don’t pay for your shipping costs in this scenario.

Processing Western Union is a service we offer for buyers that don’t have any other means to pay and don’t want to use PayPal. We don’t enjoy running to the bank to process it - and we’re not going to run back to process a refund because you changed your mind. We’d strongly suggest not to use Western Union, and get a Paypal account. Join PayPal, send the money safely, and cancel your membership if you don’t really want a membership.

If we are at fault for something - we can process a refund through Western Union within 30 days. If you use Paypal - it is much quicker.

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Need further support?

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