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Solid copper amulet of Phra Pidta, one of Thailand Theravada Buddhists most revered monks and amulets.We just spent the last 2 hours looking at eBay for Thai amulets. Wow… it’s frightening what has happened there. We don’t usually sell anything on eBay – we have tried in the past, but we don’t understand so much how to sell there. I think we’re better just to have our own amulet site and sell Thai Buddhas and other sacred amulets on our own here and at our other sites – AllBuddhas.com, ThaiAmuletSales.com.

What we found was really quite sad. Amulets we sell here for $30 to $90 USD are being sold on eBay for $150 to $400 USD. These are exactly the same amulets as we have… we know this because we have been selling amulets for 4 years and there are no secrets in the industry. Every amulet seller knows where to get the amulets from.

We saw ebay sellers calling their gold colored amulets – PURE 22K gold poured and crafted. Unbelievable really, when the price of gold these days is at $1,600 USD per ounce… the amulets at the size they were, would have been selling for far less than the current price of gold. Does that make sense?

No, of course not. The amulets are not pure gold and we are 100% on that… do you know why?

There ARE NO pure gold amulets of that type made in Thailand. Really, there aren’t any made.

The only pure gold amulet you will see in Thailand is shaped like a coin – it can be big or small, but usually no bigger than a 10 THB coin or so. Sometimes bigger – yes.

But, there are no solid gold figurines of Buddha being sold in Thailand that we have EVER seen. They just don’t exist.

Likewise, there are VERY few silver Thai amulets – meaning, made of pure silver… the reason is… Buddha amulets are supposed to be made of gold – gold plating, gold paint, whatever, but the color of Buddha is always supposed to be gold. So, when you see solid silver Buddha anything – it is likely not made at a temple.

We sell only a couple of silver colored Buddhas and we were surprised to find them. I don’t know why they were made, but westerners love the silver Buddhas and we can never find enough of them.

The Ebay seller that was selling “Solid Gold Poured BUDDHAS” had 12,000+ perfect feedbacks… now, how can that possibly be?

A laughing, smiling, chubby, and happy Buddha good luck pendant from Thailand temple.It’s because nobody cracks open their amulet to look. If they did, what would they find?

Usually the amulets that are made in Thailand are made of a metal like bronze, brass, copper, tin, pewter, or iron. They are then either gold plated, or painted gold.

Again, there are no solid gold Buddha figurine amulets in Thailand – that we have seen.

Likewise the cases of amulets are almost never solid gold.


The case is to protect the amulet. Gold is very weak… it is like lead. It dings and scratches VERY easily. It does not make a good case.

There ARE solid silver cases though – which are a little bit harder, and can be quite beautiful. We have some.

Typically the cases are gold plated or dipped. We have both.

If you are buying amulets at eBay – please stop. I was going to say, “Be careful” – but, there is no way to be careful. I am sure the amulets we looked at today were almost entirely – fakes. They were not bought at the temple. They were not worth anything near what they were listed for sale as.

Much better for you to come to Thailand yourself and choose amulets from a temple… Or, find a seller that gets amulets from the temple – like we do.

There is no other way to guarantee you have authentic amulets that are worth what you paid. Truly… I wish it was different, but there are scammers on ebay like we cannot believe… and it’s sad to see such a thing because Buddhism is a such a great way of life.

Sad to see people take advantage of others – in the name of Buddha, and Buddhism.

Good luck to you, metta, and good karma!


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