Temple and Monk Donations

Occasionally we are requested to give a donation to Ajahn Jumnean at the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Thamsuea). We’re happy to do this for you if you can’t make it yourself- but please, write first because he is quite the busy abbot! He is rarely at the temple these days as he is traveling to India, the USA, Burma, and Bangkok quite a bit of the time. Usually we must give it to the monks that sit in the main bot (hall) at the temple.

It would be better if you could coordinate your donation - through Paypal to coincide with when he will be here on-site at the temple in Krabi. Write us - we’ll find out when he’ll be here. We’ll email you back. You can send the donation just before he arrives. If there aren’t too many people at the temple to see him we can send you a photo of us giving him or the monks that represent the temple - your donation.

If you are sending under $50 USD we will put that in an envelope with your name, address and any other info you require and put it into the donation receptacles available at the temple - there are 4 on the main grounds and then 2 more at the top of the mountain.

Any more than $50 USD and we hand it to him or the monks personally.

UPDATE 1/20/15 - it is nearly impossible to predict when Aj. Jumnien is in town. Typically now we only see him around his birthday (May 1) and New Years. You can be sure he gets your donation when we give it to the senior monks at the main bot.