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Christmas Sale – a Success!

We had, and are having, a great Christmas sale this year – we have sold more Thai Buddha pendants this month than any of the previous 4 years, and we are likely going to repeat something like this next year too.

A couple of months ago we bought a big order of pendants from the temples in Thailand, most of them in our area, but some in Bangkok as well this time. We have hundreds of new Thai pendants to put on the website and share with you.

Our focus for 2013 is to offer pendants that will last a lifetime. We’re really big on that idea, and will be purchasing new pendants with that in mind. We will likely continue the sale of our gold-plated cased pendants for a while longer, hoping to knock down the inventory level of some of them – we simply bought too many and were overstocked.

In 2013 we’ll focus on bronze, brass, white jade, green jade, black jade, gold, solid silver, glass, stone, crystal, and other materials for our Buddha amulets. At the moment we have a pretty good collection of these types of pendants that will last a lifetime, and generations of your family as they are handed down between family members.

We’ll be putting more of our inventory up online in the next couple of weeks – during the Christmas holidays. We’ll also add some to our site, we have somewhat neglected this store and will try to put all our best Buddhas up there for you to see and buy (rent) as you wish.

Have a great holiday season. If you need to buy Buddhist gifts for the holidays, I don’t think anybody can beat our sale.

With metta,

Joy B.

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